Your 2012 NFL Playoff Schedule

PLAYOFFS?! You kidding me? Don’t talk about playoffs! PLAYOFFS?! Sigh. Another year and another playoff-deprived season for Seahawks fans. That’s three years out of four they’ve missed it and in all four years they’ve had a losing record. Oh well, we get a top 12 pick and an outside shot at a QB to replace Tarvaris Jackson. It can’t be all that bad unless Darrell “Run, Run, Pass, Punt” Bevell is still our offensive coordinator.

Here’s the schedule for the 2012 NFL Playoffs. It starts this Saturday and this tournament we know and love concludes Sunday, February 5th in Indianapolis, home of the now Polian-free Indianapolis Colts.

Saturday, January 7th

Cincinnati Bengals @ Houston Texans – 4:30 PM ET on NBC
Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints – 8:00 PM ET on NBC

Sunday, January 8th

Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants – 1:00 PM ET on FOX
Pittsburgh Steelers @ TIM TEBOW – 4:30 PM ET on CBS

Cincinnati @ Houston has to be in the running for lowest-rated playoff game ever. The most intriguing fact about this beyond Houston’s playoff debut is that if TJ Yates is healthy enough to play this weekend it will be the first time that two rookie QBs have faced each other in an NFL postseason. Beyond that, neither of these teams has a prayer of winning another game.

The game that interests me most is of course Pittsburgh @ Denver, because the media frenzy on the almighty Tim Tebow has just completely tanked now that NFL teams have figured out Denver’s goofy system. It’s not a matter of “will Pittsburgh win?” it’s “By how much?”.


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