TOMORROW: NFL Saturday Wild-Card Live Blog

For the first time since August I can avoid yelling at the TV — more specifically Darrell Bevell and Tarvaris Jackson — and enjoy some high-quality playoff football. It’s the football fan’s best time of the year as the NFL crowns it champion over the next four weeks in some silly “tournament style” competition, when they really should just rank the playoff teams 1-12 and match-up Green Bay and New Orleans in the Super Bowl right now.

Last year I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the greatest sports upsets in my lifetime, and a game for the ages when the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks knocked off the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. This year it’s all about Cincinnati, Houston, and Detroit breaking their troubles. The winner of the Bengals/Texans will be the first time the city of Cincy or Houston has won a playoff game in two decades…obviously the Oilers were in Houston in the 1990s and not the Texans. Detroit has made it to postseason football for the first time in this millennium. They’ll probably get whacked by the New Orleans Saints but just being there is already an accomplishment in itself.

Tomorrow you can count on me to live-blog the day’s events and hopefully we get another crazy and unpredictable ride towards the Super Bowl. It all starts on Wild Card Saturday, so check back here at about 4 PM ET/1 PM PT for the live blog of Bengals @ Texans and Lions @ Saints.


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