Apparently No One Was Interested in an LSU-Alabama Rematch

I wasn’t joking when I said on Twitter that I was boycotting the BCS National Championship Game between LSU vs. Alabama. It’s not that the decision to rank Alabama #2 was a bad choice, but I’ve grown tired of college football and the SEC’s dominance and this year’s matchup would once again keep the title within their conference. As certain as I am that Oklahoma State would’ve been throttled by both Alabama and LSU, at least it would’ve been something different. Well it turns out I didn’t miss much, as Alabama won through 5 field goals and a touchdown  (missed XP) as LSU channeled their inner 1992 Seattle Seahawks offense.

Hopefully the ratings of this game tell the BCS people that their system sucks and people aren’t interested.

Alabama loved a rematch. Not so much of the rest of the country.

It turns out most television viewers didn’t want to see Alabama-LSU again, at least not an uncompetitive rematch.

Final ratings for Alabama’s 21-0 victory over LSU were the third lowest for a national championship in the 14-year history of the BCS. The All-SEC affair, the first championship pairing teams from the same conference, drew a 14.0 rating on ESPN. The lowest ratings were a 13.7 for USC-Oklahoma in 2005 and a 13.8 for Miami-Nebraska.

The Rose, Orange, Sugar and BCS Championship all took ratings hits this season. West Virginia’s 70-33 rout of Clemson at the Orange Bowl drew just a 4.5 rating, making it the lowest-rated game in BCS history.


I’m tired of the BCS. Stupid matchups like Michigan vs. Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl over teams like Kansas State, TCU, and Boise State shows the absurdity of the system and proves that these matches are made based on ticket-sales, not the quality of the game. This year was a pretty dull year of college football in my book (until the first couple of BCS games) and I think I’ve just about dropped to “casual college football fan” from this point until they create a better system to replace this BCS mess.

Oh, and as far as LSU vs. Alabama goes? Well… here’s video of Jordan Jefferson’s chest pass to an Alabama defender. Sums up the game and sums up his QB skills.


3 thoughts on “Apparently No One Was Interested in an LSU-Alabama Rematch

  1. Wave

    1992. Only Seahawks fans would remember names like Dan McGwire, Kelly Stouffer, and Stan Gellbaugh.

  2. Wave

    Initially, I was rooting for LSU to win. But at some point early in the third quarter, I became so frustrated with the pace of the game that I threw up my hands and said, “You know what? Alabama can shut out LSU for all I care. The coach is just doing the same thing over and over again, the quarterback doesn’t know how to orchestrate an effective drive, the offensive linemen don’t know what they’re doing…nobody in this entire team can figure out how to create any spark. They call this a championship game? Let Alabama completely shut down LSU. If this is what we’re going to get, let’s have this game be as unwatchable as possible.”


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