UFC 142 NEWS: Anthony Johnson Still Has No Idea How to Make Weight

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson once again is making headlines for failing to make the proper weight limit. Now he’s a big man and probably walks at around 215 lbs when he isn’t fighting. He’s spent his entire MMA career fighting at welterweight (170 lbs) and announced a permanent move to middleweight (185 lbs), starting with a co-main event slugfest between him and Vitor Belfort at UFC 142 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The reason why Rumble moved to MW was because of the hard weight cut and the fact that he’s missed the 171 lbs limit on two occasions, and he missed them badly. He fought Rich Clementi at a catchweight of 177.5 lbs back in 2007 (losing by submission) and missed by 6 lbs against Yoshiyuki Yoshida at UFC 104 in late 2009. The outcome was different, as Yoshida was KO’d inside a minute. Now the Clementi fight could have been excused as he took that particular bout on extremely short notice and probably didn’t have time to go through proper weight cutting. Tomorrow night’s fight with Vitor Belfort at 185 lbs, however? Not. Even. Close.

During the Fuel TV telecast of the UFC 142 weigh-ins Friday, UFC President Dana White announced that Anthony Johnson would not make weight.

However, opponent Vitor Belfort agreed to continue with the bout if Johnson is not over 205 pounds before he enters the cage Saturday. Johnson weighed in at 197, 11 pounds over the 186-pound limit and will forfeit 20% of his fight purse. As of a conference call just over a week ago, Johnson said he was 218 pounds.


ELEVEN POUNDS?! What the hell is wrong with you? Without even looking that has to be the biggest weight cut miss in UFC history. The stipulation ordered by Dana White and the UFC is that Johnson has to remain under 205 lbs on fight night or else the bout will be canceled.

How unprofessional yet again from a rising contender to not only miss weight for a 3rd time, but he’s missed all three by a combined 23.5 lbs! Win or lose it’s time the UFC seriously looks into cutting Rumble because it’s clear he can’t be trusted to make a successful weight cut on a consistent basis, and it’s gotten bad enough to the point where he has singlehandedly threatened a fight cancellation. I hope Vitor Belfort knocks him out as stiff as a board, and I say that as someone who loves watching Anthony Johnson fight.

Enough is enough, already. If Rumble is not able to even be in a position where he can make weight on the 2nd try through 1 hour in the sauna, then he doesn’t deserve to be in the UFC or anywhere on the top MMA scene until he gets this straightened out. He’s wasting his own talent by disrespecting his employers, himself, and the opponents he faces.

May Vitor Belfort unleash hell on you, Mr. Johnson.


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