2012 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Picks – Sunday

Well wasn’t that fun? The New Orleans Saints got shown up by Alex Smith and Vernon Davis, both of whom have experienced periods of poor play throughout their career — Davis in particular famously had a verbal tussle with Mike Singletary. San Francisco is in the NFC Championship Game after being 6-10 last season. How fun is that? I guess the NFC West isn’t that bad after all!

Oh yeah, the silly little Denver charade is over after Tom Brady spent much of the game throwing more touchdown passes than Tim Tebow had completions. He also punted on 3rd down which is the funniest play I’ve seen all year.

Moving onto today’s games….


Baltimore over Houston. Honestly if the Texans were at home I’d pick them to beat the Ravens even with TJ Yates at QB. But because they’re in Baltimore I expect Yates to deal with the Ravens’ heavy pass-rush and the North Carolina rookie will have many encounters with Terrell Suggs all day long. The Ravens offense isn’t flashy, but it will be effective enough through the usage of Ray Rice to take a ho-hum 23-10 type of win.

Green Bay over NY Giants. Actually, for no particular reason, I expect the Packers to blow the Giants out.

Half of the Conference Championship games are known. What will today bring us? Well don’t look at me, watch the game!


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