Super Bowl Predictions: It’s Harbaugh Bowl II

That’s right folks. Today is going to be the first time two brothers have ever faced off in the Super Bowl as head coaches. I’m going with the Baltimore Ravens to upset the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers to win an ugly slopfest at Candlestick over the New York Giants.

Honestly I 99% expect the Patriots to win, but way back in September I picked Baltimore to make it to the Super Bowl. So by default I have to stick with them and not bail on half of my preseason SB prediction. Baltimore better get a semblance of a pass-rush going against Tom Brady or else he might as well throw for 6 touchdowns again. This game will be a lot closer than people think, and Baltimore’s rushing attack is a bad matchup stylistically for the Patriots D. Joe Flacco is miles better than Tim Tebow and if they can get a balanced attack going, they will march onto Indianapolis. This is my only rationale for the Ravens winning so please let it happen.

It’s very sloppy weather in San Francisco and that favors the 49ers’ generally conservative passing attack. Their offense isn’t magically brilliant, in my opinion. The Saints are just pathetically bad on defense and are better without Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator. New York will have to rely on the arm of Eli Manning, which has been excellent in the last two weeks, throwing 6 touchdowns to just 1 interception. The 49ers defense is almost impossible to run on, and I don’t expect the Giants to change that anytime soon. If New York can somehow establish the run I give them a greater than 50% chance to pull off the W. Otherwise, I’m thinking the Niners control the clock through Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter, short pass plays to Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, and Kyle Williams, win the field position battle, and kick a ton of field goals in a 19-17 struggle.

For what it’s worth, I know I’ll probably whiff on one game, but I’ll say the winner of Giants/49ers will win the Super Bowl.

Enjoy Conference Championship Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Super Bowl Predictions: It’s Harbaugh Bowl II

  1. Wave

    Well then,

    Baltimore rushed a field goal attempt and it ended in disaster, allowing a wobbly Patriots team to advance, while the 49ers squandered one offensive possession after another, and now the entire fanbase has thrown Kyle Williams under the bus. Indiana fans are furious.

    1. Mookie Post author

      Baltimore gave the game away about 3 different times. Infuriating. I’m done picking them to reach the Super Bowl even if they trade for Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, and Larry Fitzgerald and sign Mario Williams.


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