UFC.com and UFC.tv Hacked After Dana White Idiotically Dared Hackers

Dana White is outspoken, vocal, and sometimes a little bit over-the-top. Actually, he’s over-the-top a lot. Earlier in the week, likely in retaliation for supporting SOPA, UFC.com was hacked and redirected to a generic-looking template by a hacking group known as UGNazi. White played the tough guy and said he didn’t care that they did that, and even dared them to do it again. So they did. And then some.

Yesterday Dana White’s personal information was retrieved through a DOX, including his home address and social security number. Through this it was also discovered that a similar maneuver was used last week on US Attorney General Eric Holder, but of course the media was too lazy to actually report this.

All of this started through this really stupid comment from yesterday’s UFC on FOX press conference:

“Keep hacking our site, do it again. Do it tonight,” said White. “These guys look like terrorists now and a bill that was about to die, is about to come back.”

Well Dana, whenever you challenge hackers, you will lose. So you’re being a total idiot. Comparing Anonymous to terrorists is really dim-thinking, sort of like how media pundits and politicians repeatedly referred to Julian Assange and anyone associated with WikiLeaks to be “cyber-terrorists”. Since taken down, the UFC’s website featured the Anonymous logo and some dubstep music.

If you follow @danawhite, @YourAnonNews, or @JoshTheGod you will get a slew of back-and-forth Twitter wars with members of Anonymous and UGNazi that make Dana come off as a completely angry and clueless internet simpleton. The entire conversation can be found here. All of these public figures and heads of major organizations have to realize that if they as much challenge computer geniuses to damage their site, the hackers will win 100% of the time. SOPA is not and will not ever be the solution to stopping online piracy. No adjustments to the bill will make this any better and guys like Dana are fighting a losing battle and taking a big PR hit as a result. White has long gotten away with being able to shout people down without any return fire. Well now he’s got it, and he’s had confidential info leaked in addition to having the UFC’s websites hacked on the week of a live card on FOX.

Consider me a supporter of pretty much everything Anonymous and UGNazi do to these big corporations. It shows how easy it is for them to break into their websites and do what they want, faster than anything Washington could even attempt to do to stop them. The best part about Anonymous is that they aren’t concentrated in one area and it’s almost impossible to trace them. It’s going to shut all of these politicians and businessmen up from even challenging a system they know absolutely nothing about, but are going out of their way to try and control. You can’t provoke these guys in any way or else you’ll pay the price and you deserve what you get. All White needed to do was act in a mature manner and the issue would’ve never boiled down to yet another hacking. Instead, he brought a dull pencil to a gun fight and was predictably destroyed.

Pick your battles properly, Dana. Because #OpUFC has supposedly only just begun, and “stage 2” is coming soon. If stage 1 was to hack the UFC’s website, stage 2 must be really big. Keep an eye out for anything involving this story today and this weekend, because you just know Dana White will not learn and probably provoke them again.

The fun has only just started, folks. I for one will be watching this situation unfold ’round the clock. Remember when I said that the public shouldn’t just drop the SOPA issue after the bill was pulled? Well there ya go.


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