Super Bowl XLVI Preview Extravaganza: The Pick

Four years ago I correctly predicted New York Giants over the New England Patriots by 3 pts, so why change a working formula?

My Prediction: New York Giants 27 New England Patriots 24

Other predictions:

  • Don’t expect either team to be much of a running threat. Ahmad Bradshaw and BenJarvus Green-Ellis led their team in rushing with less than 700 yards, which is a paltry number. New England did a solid job of containing Ray Rice, particularly Vince Wilfork, and if Rice can’t get past Wilfork, the inconsistent Brandon Jacobs definitely can’t and Ahmad Bradshaw will have to take all of his runs to the outside.
  • Victor Cruz will be Super Bowl MVP. He hasn’t had amazing output in the postseason, but I can just sense him breaking free from New England’s iffy secondary for some significant YAC and breaking a long one for at least a 60 yard touchdown.
  • We will have a pick 6. In 4 of the last 5 Super Bowls, an interception has been returned for a touchdown. In fact, the last 7 times a team recorded an INT touchdown went on to win the Super Bowl.
  • Rob Gronkowski will get the game’s opening touchdown. Not only that, but Al Michaels will make a Willis Reed comparison.
  • Lawrence Tynes will kick the winning field goal. Hopefully from 32 yards out.
  • Madonna will have a bizarre halftime performance that will be the discussion of talk shows for several days. I, of course, will not watch another halftime show after the Black Eyed Peas debacle. Should’ve stopped after Prince’s awesome performance.


The live-blog is coming up in the next post so see you a little bit later.


One thought on “Super Bowl XLVI Preview Extravaganza: The Pick

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