Can We Get to March Yet?

I gotta tell ya, the football withdrawal sets in pretty quickly once the first week of February is done with. There’s a reason why February is the shortest month in the calendar, it’s because it gets boring pretty quickly for sports fans. College basketball’s regular season reaches its ending, but that doesn’t really grab people’s attention as much as the awesomeness and excitement of conference tournaments leading up to the actual Big Dance. Conference basketball tourneys determine automatic bids and cause people to actually be interested in watching North Texas and UC Santa Barbara. Something that cannot be said for college football bowl games, to be honest.

February is arguably the worst sports month of the year because as of 2002 it means the conclusion of the NFL season, and the NHL + NBA are in the middle of their very long seasons. The Barclays Premier League does not really heat up in the title race or relegation fight until March and April. In fact, the season is only a little over halfway done. Even if you’re a baseball fan, pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training but there’s not a single exhibition game played until March. Basically, there’s no drama or entertainment to be had in the major sports, and it’s not a Winter Olympic  year. The weather across the country tends to be cold, rainy, snowy, or just plain cloudy. At least when it’s July it’s the summer time and you really shouldn’t be watching any type of sports if the weather is picture-esque.

Long story short, March is incredibly fun for the average sports fan between NFL free agency and March Madness basketball, and I look forward to covering both. Some of your favorite (at least through site traffic numbers) posts and features will return, including:

  • How accurate is Joe Lunardi? ESPN’s expert in their totally made-up profession of “bracketology” will once again be “graded” for accuracy, but not with some ridiculous “hey he got the field of 68 right!” metric when you know that over half of the qualifying teams have auto-bids.
  • March Madness Simulated! Once the bracket is confirmed I will simulate the entire tournament before the opening Thursday and see if it matches up with the actual results (Spoiler: It never does).
  • Battle of the Losers 2012. Another simulation game where I take the losers of the round of 64 and pick the best team to not win a tournament game.
  • Live-Blogs. Lots of them. MARCH MADNESS PEOPLE!
  • NFL Free Agency. Well honestly it was hard to do this last March with the lockout in place, but nonetheless it means the start of transactions, signings, shock trades, all before the April draft.


March can’t come soon enough. Give me some NHL playoff chases, NCAA College Basketball Tournaments, the start of Toronto FC’s 6th consecutive season of no playoffs, and NFL Free Agency over February golf and NASCAR any day.


3 thoughts on “Can We Get to March Yet?

    1. Mookie Post author

      That’s okay. Life comes first and especially that profession. You should be teaching the wonders of simulations through!

  1. Rick James

    “Conference basketball tourneys determine automatic bids and cause people to actually be interested in watching North Texas and UC Santa Barbara.”

    Which is the boat I’ll be in because over-ranked and soon to be over-seeded Michigan is gonna sweat facing an Iona or Drexel type on the 13-14 line. The Wolverines get one of those teams and they’ll be one-pump chumps come Betting Sheets time, especially against the uptempo Gaels.


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