Seahawks Find a Way to Lose in the Offseason

With the 11th overall pick on the line, the 7-9 Kansas City Chiefs and 7-9 Seattle Seahawks were a coin flip away from knowing their order in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Miami Dolphins and Carolina Panthers battled for 8th overall with their coin flip, and the ‘Fins managed to win their game of chance. As for the Seattle Seahawks? Well in true Seattle fashion they lost. And not just with any coin, a special commemorative one!

The 2012 NFL Draft order is finalized: the Dolphins and Chiefs won coin tosses (against the Panthers and Seahawks, respectively) on Friday morning in Indianapolis to secure the eighth (Miami) and 11th (KC) picks in the draft.

The Panthers will now select ninth in April, and the Seahawks — losers to the Chiefs — will select 12th. The coin tosses took place early in the morning, utilizing specially-designed, commemorative coins. There were no media present (or allowed, for that matter), but the teams streamed the flip live on their various websites.

Are you serious, NFL? You wasted nearly 2 months determining draft order to make a special coin? This could’ve been finished with a regular NFL game coin! This isn’t the Super Bowl, it’s placing terrible football teams in high spots to get Not Andrew Luck and Not Robert Griffin III.

Anyway, the Seahawks not getting 11th overall hurts their bargaining position for obvious reasons if they want to trade down.

This toss was pretty significant, considering the likelihood the Hawks would try to trade down. The difference between the 11th and 12th pick is roughly a late fourth round pick’s worth if you’re going by the Jimmy Johnson Trade Value Chart. That said, not all teams use that chart and if there’s a player at 12 that some team wants, all ‘trade value’ becomes an afterthought. It’s about supply and demand, really.

I blame Charlie Whitehurst.

I’ll wait until mid-April to really guess at who the Seahawks could get, but I’m 99% certain it won’t be a quarterback and I’m 100% certain I don’t want another year of drafting a non-skill position player in the 1st round.


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