The Los Angeles Lakers Are Old, So They Reportedly Sign Rasheed Wallace

If you wonder why the Lakers have a worse record than the Clippers and a paltry 6-12 road record as we head into the NBA All-Star Break, it’s because they’re just old. Kobe Bryant is old and surrounded by several journeymen even older. There are only 5 players on their roster under the age of 30. When you realize that Devin Ebanks (22 years old) is on D-League assignment, it’s really just 4 who are in their 20s. So what do they do? Sign the youthful Rasheed Wallace!

However, a front office executive whose team has had both internal and external discussions about Gasol, said the addition of Wallace will only be to strengthen their bench.

“His days as a starter in this league are gone,” said the source. “I think he knows that, and so do the Lakers. But think about it. Of the big men that are available, is there one that’s really better? And if he’s gotten himself in shape, adding him becomes a huge get for them.”

As for the Celtics, Boston had no interest in reuniting with Wallace when word spread that he was planning to make a comeback. And that lack of disinterest, has learned, was mutual.

Wow. Rasheed and Ron Artest Metta World Peace on the same team? After all of these years away from that infamous brawl in Detroit? That should be fun. It’s certainly the only reason this signing is any bit of interest to anyone. Especially an LA Lakers team arguably with less personality than the Clippers just on their extremely boring coach.

If you’re keeping score, once this signing is official (probably after All-Star weekend), the average age of the Lakers subtracting Ebanks due to his D-League assignment would be…..

30.0 years

Amazingly, that still would not make them the oldest team in the NBA, and currently they’re behind the Atlanta Hawks and Dallas Mavericks in that department. That’s absurd. But in fairness, they’re going to make the playoffs bar a collapse and the Mavericks did win it all as the oldest team in the 2011 NBA postseason. Maybe the difference is that the Mavericks aren’t reliant exclusively on Dirk Nowitzki like the Lakers are with Kobe Bryant. Who is going to save that ship? Josh McRoberts? Jason Kapono? Troy Murphy? Give me a break. I eagerly await Rasheed Wallace’s backup role before Kobe Bryant’s inevitable “I want out of LA” yell.




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