VIDEO OF THE DAY: Clint Dempsey Gives USA Shock Win Over Italy

Jurgen Klinsmann has disappointed many American soccer critics so far in his coaching tenure with the US Men’s National Team. He’s won 0 World Cups, CONCACAF Gold Cups, and has not won a match as head coach since January 2012! Shameful for someone who has been here since August 2011.

Well today Klinsmann’s American side went into Genoa, Italy having never beaten the Italians before. Zero wins out of their previous ten attempts, coupled with Italy having not lost in Genoa since the 1920s, made it seem like a difficult task for the USA. Fulham’s Clint Dempsey, having a career year in the Barclays Premier League, scored the only goal in the 55th minute to give the Americans an historic achievement in today’s friendly.

Dempsey has now scored 3 times under Klinsmann and this one was a special goal. The US has now beaten Italy for the first time ever and did it in Genoa with the Italians playing a mostly full-strength squad. It also proves the US can win matches against quality sides without Landon Donovan (out due to injury), making it easier for me to stomach ESPN’s broadcasts.

There are a couple of more friendlies (including Brazil and Canada) to be played before 2014 World Cup qualifying begins with a home match against a vaunted Antigua and Barbuda side.


2 thoughts on “VIDEO OF THE DAY: Clint Dempsey Gives USA Shock Win Over Italy

  1. Wave

    Ever since Marco Materazzi’s mouth went off, seeing Italy lose has always been fun, and the US getting that win makes it even better.


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