UCLA 75 Washington 69: Go Stanford!

I wasted my time writing Thursday’s article. Washington is now in a position where they need to root for Stanford to beat California tomorrow night in Palo Alto or else they become co-champions of the Pac-12 but the #2 seed in the conference tournament due to Cal’s lone win over U-Dub in Seattle.

Darnell Gant was once again called upon to take the potential winning shot. He finished the game 1-7. This is eerily similar to their loss to Cal when Gant, 0-8 at the time, ended up taking the tying three-pointer and missing. I love Lorenzo Romar as a recruiter and his ability to get even his worst teams to play above expectations, but holy crap he’s just a god awful game manager in crunch time situations. I honestly cannot remember a single game where Washington was losing and won the game on the final possession.

This is a bad loss and it puts Washington back on the bubble. They need to win at least one game in the Pac-12 tournament, especially if Cal gets co-champion spot tomorrow, or else they’re going to the NIT.

So go Stanford! If Washington wants to make it hard for themselves, then they need an immediate bail out plan.



One thought on “UCLA 75 Washington 69: Go Stanford!

  1. Wave

    first ever pac 12 champions.

    feels good. Thanks, Stanford. I don’t feel so bad that you kicked the Huskies asses in football.


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