RIP All of Your March Madness Brackets: March 15th, 2012 – March 16th, 2012

According to Yahoo and ESPN, there are no perfect brackets left. If there are any perfect brackets not registered online I’ll consider it to be 100% lies. Tragedy struck the hearts of every college basketball bracket known to man, when little known Norfolk State stunned everyone with an 86-84 win over Missouri, marking only the 5th time a #15 seed has beaten a #2 seed. Later in the day another shocking upset occurred when #13 Ohio knocked off #4 Michigan 65-60 in Columbus, marking another upset for Ohio, who comfortably beat Georgetown as a #14 seed a few years ago. Everybody’s bracket lasted just two days.

There was reason to feel at ease with only VCU and Colorado winning of yesterday’s lower-seeds, and the referees did a magnificent job of handing Syracuse a victory over UNC-Asheville. But today saw an astonishing 8 double-digit seeded teams win, torpedoing every single bracket known to man. I, of course, managed to pick Missouri to win it all, and they decided to bow out immediately.

All is forgiven, though. With no hope of a perfect or reasonably accurate bracket in store for the majority of participants, all of the United States outside of Durham, North Carolina just got a kick out of Lehigh eliminating Duke, making it two #15 seeds advancing in one day. Oh wait, did I say Lehigh? I meant CBS Sports’ team known as “Leghigh”.

You may be upset that you’ve probably lost your office pool, but when Duke loses your despair quickly turns into smugness and joy.


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