Battle of the Losers 2012!

New logo coming next year.

First things first, this is the last season I’m using this goofy title. If I continue this from 2013 onwards it will be known as the SCI (Second Chance Invitational).

Now, let’s get down to business. College basketball determines its best team with the NCAA Tournament, it’s 69th with the NIT, and 101st with the CBI. With so many tournaments, I figured I would create a fake one to meet near halfway between the big tourney and the NIT. Battle of the Losers is a simulation done entirely by me to take the 32 teams who were eliminated in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament, and re-seed them for fairness.

For example, the highest seed eliminated in the West region was Missouri, so now they become the #1 seed in BOTL. Automatically they face the #16 seed LIU-Brooklyn (now a #8 seed). Memphis becomes a #2 seed, Virginia a #3, and so on. Got it? Basically the more upsets, the stronger the region is.

Here’s your field of 32:

South Region

#1 Duke vs. #8 Western Kentucky

#4 Notre Dame vs. #5 UConn

#2  Wichita State vs. #7 South Dakota State

#3 UNLV vs. #6 New Mexico State

West Region

#1 Missouri vs. #8 Long Island University – Brooklyn

#4 Colorado State vs. #5 Long Beach State

#2 Memphis vs. #7 BYU

#3 Virginia vs. #6 Davidson

East Region

#1 Southern Miss vs. #8 UNC-Asheville

#4 Harvard vs. #5 Montana

#2 West Virginia vs. #7 Loyola (MD)

#3 Texas vs. #6 St. Bonaventure

Midwest Region

#1 Michigan vs. #8 Vermont

#4 St. Mary’s vs. #5 Alabama

#2 Temple vs. #7 Detroit

#3 San Diego State vs. #6 Belmont

Per usual, there is a 3rd place game in place and all games are simulated using First region will come tonight or tomorrow!

Past editions of Battle of the Losers:

2011Georgetown def. Clemson 61-50

2010Georgetown def. Texas 70-61

2009Minnesota def. West Virginia 73-64

2008UConn def. Gonzaga 82-79


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