Jose Canseco Thinks Al Gore is Dead For Some Reason

Former baseball great, known steroid user, and all-around wacky man Jose Canseco has built up a good history of saying crazy things. Hell, just the other day he wanted to fight Shaquille O’Neal in a mixed martial arts match! Well I think he’s topped that, and anything involving his steroids intake with this actual tweet where he declares former Vice President Al Gore dead.

Wow. I’ve read his other tweets in his profile and there appears to be no context at all for him to defend that genius statement. He went on a half-coherent rant about global warming earlier today and capped it off with the false killing of Mr. Gore. Predictably this gem has spread all over the internet and should be in the news in no time.

Other things Canseco believes include:

– Tupac was never shot.
– The Patriots won Super Bowl XLVI.
– All of the maple syrup in Canada has dried up.
– Gas prices are at an all-time low.
– Jose Canseco is a sane human being.


RIP Al Gore. This is an inconvenient truth indeed.

4 thoughts on “Jose Canseco Thinks Al Gore is Dead For Some Reason

  1. twindaddy

    This dude is unhinged. I can’t believe people actually follow him on twitter. He’s always been dumb.


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