Kentucky Wins National Championship They’ll Soon Have to Vacate

I guess Kansas can’t have a Mega Millions winner AND a basketball champion at the same time. Kentucky is your champion after holding off a furious Kansas rally 67-59 to win their first championship since 1998. The game predictably sucked as the Wildcats were up by double-digits almost the entire game, but the Jayhawks cut it to 5 late on before deciding to turn it over some more at the most inopportune time. Anthony Davis wins MOP despite not scoring 10 points, primarily because he had 100 rebounds and about 35 blocks on the night. Kentucky set a record for blocked shots in a title game (I’m pretty sure they had 12, but CBS didn’t put up a graphic late) and looked the part as the nation’s best team. John Calipari gets his first title and I’m confident he’ll enjoy it for as long as the NCAA doesn’t investigate the Wildcats for any rule violations.

In summary, this was one of the worst tournaments in the history of March Madness. Kentucky being dominant is fine, but having one overtime game and zero buzzer-beaters makes even the two #2 seeds losing to #15s completely empty. Then again, one of those teams was Duke so maybe not “completely”. Still, the late travel by Elijah Johnson with the score 65-59 on a made three typified the anticlimactic bore that was the majority of the 2012 NCAA Tournament. From the final minute free-throw stalling, lane violations, poorly timed three-pointers, and costly turnovers, the good games of this year never had the chance to be great or even a classic.

Oh well, hats off to the Kentucky Wildcats for an impressive destruction of every team they faced. Now it’s up to them to defend their title next year in Alanta. Wait where?



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