Miami Heat Up 2-1-1 in Best of 7 After Tying With Boston Celtics Last Night

There was no overtime last night in Boston. Your eyes were playing tricks on you. Portland, Maine’s WMTW has sorted everything out for you! Sports anchor Meghan Torjussen and her equally dimwitted producer deduced that like any other NBA game, an even score after four quarters of basketball means it ends in a tie!

The Heat avoid going back to Miami tied 2-2, instead they take their talents back to South Beach up 2-1-1. But wait! Game 2 also ended in overtime didn’t it? So that means this series is DEADLOCKED at 1-1-2 and if it even reaches the 2-2-3 line after game 7, they might have to go to a game 8, 9, and beyond until they find a winner!

And no, there is no defending a SPORTS ANCHOR for not having the immediate common sense to know no NBA game can end in a tie. I’m not passing that off as a Donovan McNabb-esque mistake, that entire clip reeks of not knowing the game. This is another one of several high-profile goofs by local TV stations across the country, including an LA anchor who was certain the Kings had the ball in the NHL playoffs, and a New York affiliate believing the New York Islanders are playing the Kings in the Stanley Cup Final.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the Oklahoma City Sonics are playing the San Antonio Spurs in game 5 of the NBA Western Conference Final……


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