Wheels Are Off: Toronto FC Players Jailed After Drunken Fight

Toronto FC is 1-0-10 and on pace for the worst record in the history of MLS, possibly the worst record in the history of top flight football in the entire world including the well-known Antarctic Premier League. With another loss coming up against Houston on Wednesday, Luis Silva, Nick Soolsma, and Miguel Aceval all decided to encapsulate everything that’s wrong with the club with a stupid drunken brawl.

Three Toronto FC players have been charged with public intoxication after police said they got in a fight outside a Houston nightclub and then argued with officers.

Police spokeswoman Jodi Silva says Miguel Aceval, Nick Soolsma and Luis Silva were jailed after the incident early Monday in the parking lot of the Club Escobar. Toronto FC plays the Houston Dynamo here on Wednesday night.

Silva says the three players were involved in a “large fight” outside the club about 2:30 a.m. Officers intervened, Silva says, and the three players “refused to leave the location and became belligerent” with police. One player, Silva says, tried to flee the scene on foot, but was caught. No one else was arrested.

Sure why not? Losing season, interim coach, now bad behavior from the players. I give up with this bunch. This is where the lack of promotion/relegation bites you in the ass. Toronto FC is so dysfunctional that they should not even be in MLS. They need to be in the NASL and stat and then work their way up. It is humiliating to watch this garbage week after week and honestly I hope that the fans start protesting Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. Why? Because Raptors, Leafs, Argonauts,  and TFC. That’s why. They are terrible owners not bringing in quality sides and are only interested in daylight robbery of the spectators they rip off with crap like Toronto FC. I don’t care about their other teams as I’m not Canadian, but good GOD isn’t six years enough to not suck?

I’m not going to bother lashing out at the players or the incompetent coaching staff anymore. The problem won’t be fixed until MLSE is gone.


One thought on “Wheels Are Off: Toronto FC Players Jailed After Drunken Fight

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