NBC Still Sucks at Olympics Coverage … So I’m Not Watching Them

Gold medal for incompetence.

There is no point in me writing about the actual Olympic sports because as much as I’d love to have an accompanying video it’d just be taken down in 10 minutes. So instead, I’m just going to do the popular thing which is to add a 2012 edition to my relentless bashing of NBC’s Olympics coverage. After all, it is literally the biggest source of traffic in this site’s history. It was madness in 2010 when they were terrible in Vancouver, and it was irritation when they brutally ruined my enjoyment of Beijing. I was already ticked off at the 5.5 year tape-delay for key events like swimming and athletics, and the fact that their streaming service is only available to those with CNBC and MSNBC in their cable packages, so I was already giving them as little tolerance as possible for the opening ceremonies in London. Fearing the worst I watched most of the ceremonies on a BBC stream and saved the rest to watch with a family friend in the evening.

I didn’t even make it past the countries beginning with E. Apparently I can only handle so much of Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera not shutting the hell up and then discussing their iPod playlist or who Tim Berners-Lee is before I completely give up. NBC is a classless network only helped on by the fact that the equally evil Comcast owns them, so it’s like a double dose of trash. Cutting the ceremony up, dumbing down the coverage, openly pleading ignorance, I can’t take them anymore. Many have taken to social media to bash NBC for their nonsense and the general presence of Ryan Seacrest. Oh, and their streaming service keeps crashing. And they think Australia is in Europe.

Enough is enough. I will not let them kill my Olympic enjoyment yet again. I’ve watched several hours of the BBC’s coverage through streaming sites and it is first-rate. Their commentators know the sport, they don’t have 25 people on set, they don’t have reality TV show hosts interviewing Olympians, they have SPORTS properly mixed-in with background of several athletes. BBC has Michael Johnson and we have Dwight Stones. Need I say more? Oh, and it is all LIVE. What a concept!

Mark my words clearly, I will NEVER EVER watch another Olympics on NBC again. I’d rather wax my testicles than listen to Marcelo Balboa tell me the defensive importance of a goalkeeper in soccer. When 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2020 come around I want to be either out of the United States or watching in another language.

Simply put, NBC thinks you’re stupid. They treat the audience like a teacher teaches to the level of the dumbest kid in class and holds everyone else back. It fits the rising trend of American television tailoring its production towards the lowest form of intelligence possible. Not only do they tape-delay marquee events, they spoil it on Twitter anyway AND it’s covered poorly. I urge as many Americans as possible to avoid NBC at all costs and find an alternative method to watching these Summer Olympics. It doesn’t have to be the BBC (although I highly recommend them), but it has to be not NBC. You are in a digital age and have more choices than you think. Use them.


8 thoughts on “NBC Still Sucks at Olympics Coverage … So I’m Not Watching Them

  1. Patrick

    and yet they’re still restricting people in watching what they what they have. I still have to use hidemynet.com to be able to watch their youtube channel and videos. duh..

  2. NBC-Sucks

    NBC’s total coverage of the XXX Olympics Sucks! ASS!! They should not have the contract for the games in the future. S0 many other events happening, so many other chances to see athletes from other countries and truly experience the Olympic spirit. Worst of all is the “prime time coverage/editing”. There’s absolutely no reason for NBC to show an event after 11:00pm like it’s live when it occurred 5 hours ago; absolutely pathetic. And the only reason they can get away with this crap is because they have a monopoly on the coverage. The IOC should NOT renew their contract in the future. Once again, NBC your coverage of the Olympic games sucks!!! ASS!!!

  3. Anonymous

    I just want to know why the National BullS*** Company, even when they DO bother to show us sports, doesn’t bother to show us the scores… Case in point, what was the score on Komova’s final vault in the All-Around Gymnastics? Unless you looked online, you don’t know because they never showed it.

  4. Wille

    Nbc have been do this for years.and they get a way with it if some one was smart just sell a peace of time slots to some indepent staions work time slots for live coverage and let people see some other sports not just americian in it

  5. Wille

    Hey your wright they get a way with it 08, 04,00,96,92 half to find something better visit the country were the olympic are


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