2012 NFL Season – Week 6 Picks

In the past 30 games, I’m a combined 26-4. Of course, the Titans won on Thursday to turn 26-3 to 26-4, but I’m not bothered because Pittsburgh was on the losing end.

It’s raining consistently for the first time in two months in Seattle, and it coincides with Bill Belichick coming to town. Coincidence? I think not. Sadly, the Patriots are going to beat the Seahawks and possibly with consummate ease. It was nothing to do with the defense, but this offense is atrocious and they will make enough mistakes for Tom Brady to capitalize.

Bengals over Browns
Buccaneers over Chiefs
Dolphins over Rams
Lions over Eagles (“upset” special)
Falcons over Raiders
Colts over Jets
Ravens over Cowboys
Cardinals over Bills
49ers over Giants
Redskins over Vikings
Patriots 24 Seahawks 14 (Seattle probably will get blown out)
Texans over Packers
Broncos over Chargers


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