2012 NFL Season – Week 9 Picks

After an 8-6 record last week I’m off to a bright start following San Diego’s mauling of Kansas City. We’re entering the 2nd half of the NFL season already, which means it’s time to start thinking playoffs. Being the pessimist that I am, here’s why I’m picking Minnesota over Seattle:
1.) Percy Harvin will eat Marcus Trufant alive. Harvin in the slot against Trufant is a clear mismatch and Gus Bradley takes forever to make adjustments. This will be the bulk of Christian Ponder’s passing yards.

2.) Adrian Peterson will run for over 100 yards. The run defense is still great, but Adrian Peterson is generally the type of explosive RB that Seattle has problems with. I expect him to gash the middle of the field.

3.) It’s my birthday tomorrow and the Seahawks will find a way to ruin it in advance.

Good? Good. Here are the rest of my picks.

Packers over Cardinals
Lions over Jaguars
Bears over Titans
Redskins over Panthers
Broncos over Bengals
Ravens over Browns
Texans over Bills
Dolphins over Colts
Buccaneers over Raiders
Vikings 20 Seahawks 14
Giants over Steelers
Falcons over Cowboys
Saints over Eagles


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