2012 NFL Season – Week 10 Picks

Not a lot of great NFL games this weekend. Obviously Chicago’s home game against the Texans is the marquee attraction of week 10, and Atlanta at New Orleans should be fun, but what comes after that? Oh well, only one more week of byes and then 16 games from week 12 onwards.

Seattle should beat the Jets today. No, they should blow them out. Not necessarily with this passing offense, because New York’s pass D is still pretty good sans Darrelle Revis, but Marshawn Lynch will gash that weak front-four of the Jets and Mark Sanchez will do everything in his power to give Seattle short fields. I feel confident and so should Seahawks fans.

Alright, 1-0 to start this week, let’s keep it going!

Broncos over Panthers
Ravens over Raiders
Bucs over Chargers
Dolphins over Titans
Patriots over Bills
Giants over Bengals
Saints over Falcons
Lions over Vikings
Seahawks over Jets
Eagles over Cowboys
49ers over Rams
Bears over Texans
Steelers over Chiefs



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