2012 NFL Season – Week 12 Picks

A dynamite 12-2 week 11 plus a 3-0 Thanksgiving has me feeling pretty good about my prognosticating abilities.

I put a lot of thought into most of these picks, including why a clearly inferior Miami will beat the Seahawks. It’s simple, whenever the Washington Huskies football team gags, the Seahawks pretty much follow suit. Do you like Murphy’s Law? This is what will happen today. I expect the Seahawks to either get a big lead and gag it or come out flat and fail to rally from an early deficit. Watching Washington inexplicably lost to Washington State on Friday has forced me to pick against the Seahawks because that’s how Seattle football works, people.

I know, that was almost like a Bill Simmons type of reasoning but without random 1980s and 90s pop culture thrown in. But yeah, go with the Dolphins even against all logic.

Bucs over Falcons
Bears over Vikings
Dolphins 19 Seahawks 15
Broncos over Chiefs
Colts over Bills
Browns over Steelers
Bengals over Raiders
Titans over Jaguars
Chargers over Ravens
49ers over Saints
Cards over Rams
Packers over Giants
Panthers over Eagles


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