About Me

Blogging Since: March 2007

Residence: Seattle Area, WA

B-Day: November 5th

Who I support: Seattle Seahawks, Washington Huskies football/basketball, Manchester United, Toronto FC, and the Vancouver Canucks. Basically, I root for a bunch of teams who have won very little … and then Manchester United.

What is this blog about? Sports media, sports in general, and the occasional off-topic rant on topics such as pop culture or television commercials.

What was the inspiration for your blog title? I think sideline reporters on television are of no use and CBS has already shown you can function without riveting questions such as “What went through your mind scoring that touchdown?” or “Could you tell us about the goal you scored?”. They’re an unnecessary addition to an increasingly crowded broadcast team.

Contact: tjxanda[at]gmail[dot]com

24 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sam Monroe

    Hey man, I read your stuff on Armchair GM. Its pretty good.
    I was wondering if you could put my site in your blog roll and I will toss yours up on my site under the links as well. Let me know what you think about the idea.
    Thanks man.

  2. aarongershfield49

    Like you, I have an NFC team– the 49ers. But I also dig the Colts, and now I guess the Giants– another team that can beat the Patriots (fake dynasty)

  3. Mookie Post author

    Aarongers, what a coincidence! Grew up in the Bay Area, so I supported the 49ers, and I still do at a lower level.

  4. Mookie Post author


    And yes, I’m very much excited Man Utd are back in the final. I’ll be even happier if they win against West Ham for once and repeat as Premiership champs at Wigan.

  5. Josh

    Hey are you the same guy that posts on the 506.com fourm?

    BTW great site I was on awful announcers looking at ESPN/ABC’s EURO 2008 schedule and noticed your name in the comments section and found your site from that.

  6. Daniel Mann

    Just a word on the beachball goal, no I didn’t see it live. But our position at Sunderland is very low, we are almost at pitch level and Glen Johnson’s position obscured any possible view of the beachball. I thought for a moment he’d deflected it in.

    Neither manager saw it live, none of the radio guys saw it first time. The only reason it became a story was cos I knew the rules and told Steve Bruce it shouldn’t have stood.

    The written press guys weren’t even going to ask him about it, but he said “the lad from Sky tells me that it should have been a dropball”

    1. Mookie Post author

      Hello Mr. Mann!

      For the readers who don’t know the “beachball game”, it refers to this goal scored by Sunderland’s Darren Bent in their 1-0 win over Liverpool this past weekend in the Barclays Premier League, in which his shot was deflected off a beachball in play and into the net. Daniel Mann’s post is in response to a remark I made on a forum. He was the commentator that day for Sky Sports and I was wondering how that was not seen live. Hence you get a response!

      I’ve never seen the Sunderland commentary booth but if it’s that low then just envisioning it there isn’t a way to see it without the aid of the replay. It was a very bizarre moment and I was perplexed at why no one saw this live. Thanks for taking the time to clarify and answer my question. Have you been to other stadiums with commentary positions as low as Sunderland’s?

      Good work on the Inter Milan/Dynamo Kyiv game yesterday in addition to the Sunderland/Liverpool match! I watched the former on delay last night and it was another entertaining encounter! Have a good day and I look forward to more of your exceptional commentaries as the season progresses. It’s a great honor to have a great commentator like yourself to respond to a question I had in the wee hours of the morning.


  7. Daniel Mann

    I should clarify that, of course, the press would ask him about the goal. But most were not aware it wasn’t legal.

    Thank you

    1. Daniel Mann

      Well if it happened at almost any other Premier League ground (not Portsmouth, which is far from ideal for a commentator) we would have been able to get it straight away.

      Sunderland is a terrific ground, but we don’t get an overview of the game from the gantry. It’s in the lower section of the stand and anything happening on the deck in a crowded penalty area is tough. You can’t call what you can’t see and X-ray vision would have been required at that moment – it’s very easy to watch it back later, knowing what to look for and say ‘well there’s the beachball, how did you not spot it?” Indeed I notice one particular poster seemed to take great glee in the fact that I could not see it, well that is very, very sad. And no I have not been demoted – will be on duty at Manchester City v Fulham on Sunday.

      As for the law, well I mentioned it pretty swiftly in commentary once all was clarified – don’t know if it made the edit. Talking to a few ex-pros this week and most did not know beforehand what the rule was – surprising. Steve Bruce, in whimsical fashion, told me I should get out more! I remembered it from a You Are The Ref piece with Keith Hackett in a newspaper a while back.

      1. Mookie Post author

        What a mad 2nd half there! There’s something about Man City vs. Fulham these last few seasons that has produced some great action!

  8. Daniel Mann

    I should add my thanks for your kind words. I’m not by any means an avid reader of Digital Spy, although I have posted on there before. Praise is always nice, and I’m glad someone out there appreciates what I do.

    1. Mookie Post author

      You’re pretty much praised all the time at Digital Spy! If I go through that particular thread’s history (which is now headed for 4 years) I’ve seen maybe 2-3 criticisms of your style.

      Am I right in thinking you are for the most part based in the northern part of England? I notice many of your Football First games involve the likes of Liverpool, Sunderland, Everton, Aston Villa, Manchester United and Manchester City.

      1. Daniel Mann

        Well, I do get an easy ride compared to some. While it’s obviously flattering, more often than not my own assessment of my performances is quite different!

        You’re right in thinking I’m based in Northern England, Liverpool and Manchester are a half hour away.

        1. Mookie Post author

          Self-criticism I’m sure is quite common amongst all commentators! ;-)

          I actually had the pleasure of listening to your first Football First game (Newcastle 2 Wigan 1 I think) back in 2006. Amazing how in that span you’ve now done the Manchester Derby and Man Utd vs. Arsenal! You’ve built up quite the resume!

          Did you treat all fixtures you commentate on in terms of research and preparation time the same? In other words would you spend as much time researching Man City vs. Fulham as you would Man Utd vs. Liverpool?

          Good luck with your game this weekend! You always seem to get wild and thrilling matches in the Premier League.

          1. Daniel Mann

            Ha ha! I remember hearing my goals from my first game unexpectedly quite some time later, and did actually say out loud “who’s that kid commentating?”

            Yes I try and prepare for every game in the same manner and give it the same amount of time, preferably two to three days. Sometimes this just isn’t possible and you have to prioritise – for example a live Sky match will always take precedence over a Football First match if I have to make a choice. Not that I do have that quandry often!

  9. Bob Black

    What a cocky little know all you are .
    Ranting for a living offering opinion on people who lets be honest at least had the
    talent to get a shot.
    You can do nothing but sit behind your wall of secrecy and
    fire cheap shots.
    Get off your own behind go out and make something of yourself if you believe you have the talent.
    Show em all how it’s done,instead off telling the world,
    your all bluster and wind with little talent .

    1. Mookie Post author

      Sigh. Thanks for stopping by.

      I’m well aware of who you are (I know my ways) and I’ve dealt with you on another forum. Please give it a rest or at least put it in a PM. Just because I (and millions of other people) don’t have these jobs doesn’t mean we’re not qualified at all to talk about how well or poorly they’re doing. Just because I don’t own a pet doesn’t mean I can’t criticize someone else for feeding their dog chocolate and having them wash it down with antifreeze.

      Thanks again for the fan mail.

  10. Canuck Corner

    Hey there! Love your blog! I write mostly about the Canucks, but was wondering if you would put me on your blog roll, I would do the same.

    Thanks, Canuckcorner

  11. Sideline reporters are worthless

    One of the greatest titles for a blog on the entire internet. Bravo. You should keep it current…don’t let it fade away!


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