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BIG NEWS: I’ve Been Kidnapped, Tortured, Starved, and Forced to Work For Bloody Elbow

I didn’t expect this, but I was offered a writing position at Bloody Elbow, the premier website for all things MMA and cat GIFs, and accepted it late last night. For a long time I’ve been cross-posting articles from here to their fanpost section and vice-versa, but now I’m staff and I have to say, the marijuana and free hookers in the staff lounge are tremendous perks.

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And Now, A Word (And Rules) About Plagiarism

For those who didn’t follow my Twitter account on Thursday, I had quite the battle over content that was stolen from here. It took enough of my time for me to not even write an NBA Finals post later that evening, but you don’t need me to tell you Skip Bayless is a know-nothing and LeBron James is the best player in the game. After the jump, here’s a quick recap of what happened.

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The Return

That’s right, I’m back after nearly 2 months off of this site. I needed a break, covering March Madness took a lot out of me, and as a result it left my annual Battle of the Losers in a cliff hanger. I’ll probably get around to finishing that post soon and then just backdate it so it doesn’t look too ugly. I’ve been writing in short on Twitter so you still could capture my not-so-proud moments when Manchester City won the Premier League and the Vancouver Canucks were ousted in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Euro 2012 and the 2012 London Summer Olympics are practically back-to-back and I’m ready to churn out post after post after live-blog after live-blog over the next couple of months. There’s a commentators page (a popular staple of this blog for years) for Euro 2012 which you can view for the entirety of the tournament and an Olympics one will follow soon after.

I haven’t even looked at the stats page in forever but I’ll assume it will take a while to get this bad boy back to normal traffic.

In the mean time, be on the lookout for new posts over the next several days. Oh, and I’m going to write about non-sports more often, so be sure to get your pitchforks prepared.

Stupid Sideline Reporters Turns Five? Has it Really Been Five Years?

Wow. Half-a-decade worth of my inane ramblings, inaccurate predictions, and live-blogs. And the best part is, people actually read it! I’ve put a lot of time into this and I’m glad to still be around when so many blogs have fizzled or disappeared. Blogging in general has sure grown up over the last few years, hasn’t it? I remember when the media repeatedly pushed the “these guys are just losers in their PJs in their mother’s basement” agenda, now we’re able to get media credentials at the Super Bowl. Doesn’t it feel good to adapt?

This isn’t some sappy sentimental post as I really can’t think of writing goop like that. Just an acknowledgement of the 5th year of Stupid Sideline Reporters and a thank you to everyone who has viewed, contributed, or posted on this site. Let’s keep this thing going for a 6th year! Hell, maybe one of my favorite teams will actually win a championship so I don’t write like I’m pissed off year-round!

Oh No……

I’m trying out Twitter (@SSReporters). It’s not what you think, though. I don’t like using social networking to tell the world what I’m having for dinner. The purpose of this Twitter trial is two things:

1.) Link to my latest blog posts. With enough followers my site traffic will DOUBLE, no TRIPLE from 1 to 3 page views per day.

2.) Discuss sports in under 140 characters instead of jotting it down on QuickPress and posting it here.

I refuse to publicly “tweet” about private life, political issues, celebrity gossip, etc. so the two things I’ve mentioned is pretty much what you get.

The recent tweets are on the sidebar along with the option to follow me. Consider it “Stupid Sideline Reporters Plus” and a new edition to the blog.

I’ve written 4 tweets so far and the question needs to be asked – How do people get obsessed with Twitter? I wonder if it becomes more obsessive when you post via texting (already another obsession gripping most of the world) on your iPhone, Android, SmartPhone, whatever.

Taking A Few Days Off…

To quote a song:

Sometimes it might seem that I’ve neglected you
I would love to spend more time
But I’ve got so many things to do


I’m also sick (it has nothing to do with Sunday….or does it?) so I might as well lay off until the weekend, where I will manage to incorrectly pick both Conference Championship games.

I tell you what, reading this, this, and then this might not only prolong the bug, but it’s certain to give me a headache in a failed effort to rationalize all three decisions.

See you Saturday/Sunday.