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March Madness 2012 Simulated: Final Four and National Championship

It’s all come down to this. No #1 seeds are in San Antonio in this year’s edition of March Madness Simulated. Instead we have #3 Baylor, #4 Louisville, #2 Ohio State, and #2 Kansas. Who will be crowned our simulated champion? Find out after the jump.

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March Madness 2012 Simulated: West Region

Baylor has advanced out of the South region, so who will prevail from the West? Michigan State is the favorite but Missouri and Marquette are also contenders to win that part of the bracket. Also featured is Murray State, having lost just 1 game all season long. Games are after the jump.

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2011 March Madness Simulated: West Region

We’re back for another year of simulation goodness! Every game of March Madness simulated via for your viewing pleasure. Justin F. from Comeback is Complete has graciously helped me run this tournament for a 3rd successive season and since I’ve been busy all day today we’ll start things off with his simulation of the West region.

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March Madness Simulated 2010: The Finale

Missed anything? West, East, Midwest, and South results. Syracuse plays Maryland and West Virginia battles Louisville for the right to play in the National Championship Game. Check out everything after the jump.

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March Madness Simulated 2010: West Region

Maryland, West Virginia, and Louisville have punched their ticket to the Final Four. No #1 seed has prevailed, but will that change with Syracuse as we head for the West region? Let’s see the results after the jump.

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March Madness Simulated 2010!

Technically, the NCAA Tournament begins tomorrow night with the play-in game between Arkansas Pine-Bluff vs. Winthrop. The real fun begins on Thursday, when millions of eyes are glued to monitors of some sort to watch the madness unfold.

Once again with the help of JFein from Fire Andy Reid Now, and, we’re going to simulate the entire tournament just like last year! Louisville topped Gonzaga 106-101 in double OT in the virtual world, but in the real world neither of them even went to the Final Four. Both of our websites will give you the simulated outcome of March Madness 2010! Results will be “simulposted” from the opening round all the way to the National Championship Game!

From now until Thursday please check in for the revealed results with short summaries. I cover the East and West regions while JFein covers the Midwest and South.

There are upsets, buzzer-beaters, blowouts, and comebacks en route to Indy!

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March Madness Simulated – National Championship Game

The wait is over. After 62 games, blowouts, upsets, buzzer-beaters, halfcourt heaves, and downright snoozers, it’s finally here! We started with 65 teams, now we’re down to 2. Gonzaga, winners of the South region, face Louisville, best team in the nation and winners of the Midwest region. Read on after the jump!

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