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2012 NFL Season – Week 13 Picks

Last Week: 11-5

This Thursday: 1-0

The Seahawks are playing a 10 AM road game against a good team. Yeah, they ain’t winning. But what do I know? I’ve picked against my favorite team only 4 times (vs. Arizona, vs. Carolina, vs. Packers, vs. Jets).

On another note, ESPN have treated this Jovan Belcher tragedy so poorly. The very basic details show he killed his girlfriend, killed himself, thereby orphaning his infant daughter. That’s not worthy of some sort of tribute like they’re doing right now on Sunday Countdown. The “murder” part in murder-suicide is fairly important, and glossing over it is irresponsible journalism, but this is after all an irresponsibly bad TV network.

Anyway, here are the picks….

Bills over Jaguars
Pats over Dolphins
Texans over Titans
Lions over Colts
Packers over Vikings
49ers over Rams
Cardinals over Jets
Panthers over Chiefs
Bears over Seahawks
Broncos over Bucs
Ravens over Steelers
Chargers over Bengals
Browns over Raiders
Cowboys over Eagles
Giants over Redskins

2012 NFL Season – Week 12 Picks

A dynamite 12-2 week 11 plus a 3-0 Thanksgiving has me feeling pretty good about my prognosticating abilities.

I put a lot of thought into most of these picks, including why a clearly inferior Miami will beat the Seahawks. It’s simple, whenever the Washington Huskies football team gags, the Seahawks pretty much follow suit. Do you like Murphy’s Law? This is what will happen today. I expect the Seahawks to either get a big lead and gag it or come out flat and fail to rally from an early deficit. Watching Washington inexplicably lost to Washington State on Friday has forced me to pick against the Seahawks because that’s how Seattle football works, people.

I know, that was almost like a Bill Simmons type of reasoning but without random 1980s and 90s pop culture thrown in. But yeah, go with the Dolphins even against all logic.

Bucs over Falcons
Bears over Vikings
Dolphins 19 Seahawks 15
Broncos over Chiefs
Colts over Bills
Browns over Steelers
Bengals over Raiders
Titans over Jaguars
Chargers over Ravens
49ers over Saints
Cards over Rams
Packers over Giants
Panthers over Eagles

Green Bay @ Seattle Referee Bitching Live Blog … Plus Supposedly Football

The NFL is going to ruin this season … actually check that, they’ve already ruined this season. Their completely laughable handling of the “Replacement Refs” has resulted in late games going past the 5 PM cutoff on NFL RedZone. The games are taking forever, the penalties are absurd, extra timeouts are being granted, defensive holding is being advanced 10 yards instead of 5, the entire Patriots/Ravens game, it’s all just terrible. Roger Goodell meanwhile is busy trying to get more games in London. Fire him now. He is an incompetent with too much power.

Anyway, there’s a football game tonight. The Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks are playing and I’ll be here to live-blog it even as I fear the outcome of tonight’s game will be decided by the refs. It has gotten so bad that I am actually rooting for a blowout of any sort so I won’t get even more pissed off when a phantom PI call decides a 21-17 game or something of that nature.

You know what? I’m a homer. I’m going Seahawks 27 Packers 21. Seattle pretty much has to win this with Arizona looking elite on defense.

Live blog link is HERE.

New Seahawks Jerseys Unveiled…..And They Look Terrible

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT, NIKE?!!! There is nothing constructive that I can say to describe how terrible these new Seahawks jerseys are. You can see more here, but you really don’t want to. Everything sucks. The number font, the blinding green, it all is just AWFUL.

I don’t know how the Seahawks’ Super Bowl run led by Matt Flynn’s 7,500 yard, 65 TD, 1 INT (off a drop from our occasionally stone-handed TEs) performance can be taken seriously in crap like this.

If this is the nonsense the team APPROVED of, then Seattle must draft LaMichael James. It’s like James never left Oregon with those wretched uniforms on display.

No, I Don’t Want Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is going to be released tomorrow by the Indianapolis Colts to make way for Andrew Luck. There’s been rampant speculation from national and local media that the Seattle Seahawks will and should go after Manning.

Last year I was fine with that idea. March 6th, 2012? I’m pretty much against this signing entirely.

Seattle has made a terrible habit of being the retirement home for washed up or aging ex-stars. Without even researching, I will name as many notable instances of this type of deal occurring in multiple sports:

Franco Harris, Jerry Rice, Edgerrin James, John Randle, Ken Griffey Jr. post-Reds, Gaylord Perry, Patrick Ewing, Freddie Ljungberg.

I’m probably missing several others, but you get the point. Edgerrin James is the most recent geriatric to wash up on Seattle shores, and he ran like he had concrete blocks tied to his feet.

Peyton is 36, coming off of multiple neck surgeries with various reports and doctors stating that if he gets hit the wrong way he could face paralysis in the worst case scenario.

I’m not interested in playing this game even with the gigantic waste at QB depth we have with Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst. Now Whitehurst is a FA so he’s gone. Jackson is a certainty to stay so it’s down to getting his backup (unfortunately).

Seattle has to make a gamble at QB if they want to be a contender, but not to this extreme. It’s a gamble on Peyton Manning’s health and it would bring astronomical expectations and national attention on a city that bitches and moans endlessly about the lack of coverage it gets.

Signing Peyton Manning means either he has to learn the art of Darrell Bevell’s dumbass “Run, Run, Pass, Punt” playbook, or Manning is about to create a brand new offense for everyone to learn over the offseason. I don’t think I like that.

So by all means, if you’re going to go to the Redskins or Dolphins, please do Peyton. But let’s not play this silly little game again, shall we?

Seahawks Find a Way to Lose in the Offseason

With the 11th overall pick on the line, the 7-9 Kansas City Chiefs and 7-9 Seattle Seahawks were a coin flip away from knowing their order in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Miami Dolphins and Carolina Panthers battled for 8th overall with their coin flip, and the ‘Fins managed to win their game of chance. As for the Seattle Seahawks? Well in true Seattle fashion they lost. And not just with any coin, a special commemorative one!

The 2012 NFL Draft order is finalized: the Dolphins and Chiefs won coin tosses (against the Panthers and Seahawks, respectively) on Friday morning in Indianapolis to secure the eighth (Miami) and 11th (KC) picks in the draft.

The Panthers will now select ninth in April, and the Seahawks — losers to the Chiefs — will select 12th. The coin tosses took place early in the morning, utilizing specially-designed, commemorative coins. There were no media present (or allowed, for that matter), but the teams streamed the flip live on their various websites.

Are you serious, NFL? You wasted nearly 2 months determining draft order to make a special coin? This could’ve been finished with a regular NFL game coin! This isn’t the Super Bowl, it’s placing terrible football teams in high spots to get Not Andrew Luck and Not Robert Griffin III.

Anyway, the Seahawks not getting 11th overall hurts their bargaining position for obvious reasons if they want to trade down.

This toss was pretty significant, considering the likelihood the Hawks would try to trade down. The difference between the 11th and 12th pick is roughly a late fourth round pick’s worth if you’re going by the Jimmy Johnson Trade Value Chart. That said, not all teams use that chart and if there’s a player at 12 that some team wants, all ‘trade value’ becomes an afterthought. It’s about supply and demand, really.

I blame Charlie Whitehurst.

I’ll wait until mid-April to really guess at who the Seahawks could get, but I’m 99% certain it won’t be a quarterback and I’m 100% certain I don’t want another year of drafting a non-skill position player in the 1st round.

Revisiting My “Ten” NFL Predictions of 2011-12

Oops. I'm terrible at predicting the future.

Due to my complete drop in interest in college football, I took my “Ten Predictions You Can Take to the Bank” to the NFL just before the regular season kicked off. Upon revisiting that article it appears I actually wrote eleven predictions and I apparently can’t count. We’ll go through all of them anyway and see how accurate I was. Check it out after the jump.

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