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NFL Week 16 Live Blog

Dear Santa,

Give me a Seahawks win and a Lions loss. I’ve been really good this year and would love to have Seattle in the playoff hunt in week 17.

ALTERNATIVELY: If that is not feasible, please let Buffalo upset Denver today.




Enemy Reaction – Chicago Bears

First written at Field Gulls

Did Seattle….just win consecutive road games? Yes they did. Hasn’t been done since 2007, and even that team only went 3-5 on the road. The combined 2nd half score of both their wins in St. Louis and Chicago is 45-0. The Seahawks are right in the thick of the playoff chase and given pre-season expectations and actual mid-season performance, this is a major accomplishment.

This week’s edition of Enemy Reaction is centered around the free-falling Chicago Bears, and the key plays highlights — all in the 2nd half — has game thread reaction from Field Gulls and Windy City Gridiron.

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Enemy Reaction: St. Louis Rams

First written at Field Gulls

You know, it’s not really a great thing when you pick on a 2-11 team, but it goes away when you know it’s the St. Louis Rams. There’s not a lot to like. They have Josh McDaniels, Josh Brown, and are the only team we’ve ever lost to in the postseason at Qwest/CenturyLink Field. Monday night’s win makes it 13 out of 14 since that 0-fer-3 year that was 2004.

We’ll start with usual game thread reaction from both Field Gulls and Turf Show Times, and included is the hilarious response from Rams fans after it took them 8 tries to score from the 1 yard line. Please note I only have one shot of the Marshawn Lynch touchdown run because the last GT on Field Gulls was deleted for some odd reason. As always, zoom-in to get a larger look at each juxtaposition.

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GIF OF THE DAY: Seahawks Fans “Make it Skittle” on Marshawn Lynch

Last night’s St. Louis @ Seattle game was ugly, inept, and everything you hate about NFC West football. But the Seahawks prevailed and once again were the superior team in the 2nd half. Marshawn Lynch capped off another brilliant day with a 16 yard touchdown run to put away the hapless Rams once and for all. The fans, in reference to Lynch’s habit of eating Skittles on the sidelines, decided to….well….make it rain Skittles.

When I first saw this live, I thought it was a cool gesture. Then I realized that if Lynch wasn’t wearing a visor, and one of those things lands in his eye, we’re probably at injury #417. It’s a stupid thing to do as throwing small, solid candy like skittles is no different than throwing pebbles (Fruity Pebbles?). Please don’t do this again, fans. You should all know that Seattle is the king of having players injured in bizarre fashion.

This of course is the only way the national media can ever talk about Seattle, or the fact that they and Arizona have inexplicably found themselves two games out of a playoff spot. I’m pretty sure I’ll be irritated and annoyed that FOX is going to talk about this endlessly for the remainder of the season, but as long as Lynch continues to brutalize people, all I can say is “Taste the Rainbow, suckers”.

FACT CHECKING FAIL: Not Even the Seattle Times Knows Who the Seahawks Played Last Night

Imagine my surprise reading this fresh off my iGoogle home page….

HOLY CRAP! We played the Falcons again? Because if so they really suck given how we lost to them 30-28 way back in week 4. Also, Matt Barkley being at the Seahawks game has to be USC-related. There are very few people on this planet outside of Seahawks and Rams fans who would seriously fly to CenturyLink Field to watch an average NFL team play the worst team in the NFC.

How did this sneak through? Inexcusable.

Irrational Seahawks Playoff Hopes: Who to Root For This Weekend

So you're saying there's a chance?

The Seahawks are more bi-polar than Delonte West, and as a result my brain is conflicted with thoughts of a miracle playoff push and the need for a QB of the future. Thanks to other teams losing, the Seattle Seahawks are 2 games out of the final wild card spot. Above them are the Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, and New York Giants. Seattle beat the Giants already, lost to Atlanta, and will play Chicago next Sunday. With the 2-10 St. Louis Rams coming to town on Monday night in a place they haven’t won since that dreaded 2004 collapse, and the 7-5 Chicago Bears losing their only good offensive players, the miracle could happen. Seattle needs some help, though. Let me tell you the Seahawks fan who to root for this Sunday:

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The NFL Fine Book is Complete Garbage

I’m going to compare two $7,500 fines for you. Please tell me how the heck anyone can legitimately say that an excessive celebration penalty is on the same level as a blatant dirty move after the whistle (resulting in Russell Okung going on IR).

Golden Tate Touchdown Celebration (Fined $7,500)

Trent Cole’s Hip-Toss on Russell Okung (Fined $7,500)

I guarantee you that if Cole did that against Tim Tebow, he would get fined, suspended, thrown in jail, and possibly face the death penalty. His face would be plastered all over the TV as the most evil person in NFL history.

This is garbage. There was no intent to injure Okung, but there sure as hell was intent to throw him. You can see Cole clearly grab Okung’s arm and plant him right no the turf with no penalty given. Size differential really doesn’t mean much as long as you have good technique.

Cole gets a slap on the wrist for a dirty play that ended a player’s season and will require rehab that may have him missing time next year, but he gets punished exactly like a player who celebrates a touchdown in a manner the NFL disapproves of.

Justice has been served.