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Reviewing the AFC North teams in the form of Haiku

Cleveland Browns

QB Carousel

They don’t seem to want to win

For 15 years strong

Cincinnati Bengals

Failed to reach goals

They may star in the movie

The Longest Yard 3

Baltimore Ravens

How did they not win?

McNair’s arrested on DUI

Please don’t teach Troy Smith

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger

Wild offseason, poor year

Cowher’s chin resigns

Reviewing the AFC South teams in the form of Haiku

Indianapolis Colts

Manning wins it all

Dungy makes some history

Brady helped their cause

Tennessee Titans

They started poorly

Vince Young turns it all around

Then Pacman screws up

Jacksonville Jaguars

Many Injuries

Mainly all their quarterbacks

and then Fred Taylor

Houston Texans

They get rid of Carr

Could’ve been even better

If they picked Vince Young

Reviewing the AFC West teams in the form of Haiku

Yay, I’m halfway done! So let’s begin the AFC with the west.

Denver Broncos

I’ll skip the sad parts

But the good news they now have

Is that Plummer is gone!

San Diego Chargers

They’ve learned their lesson

Never hire a coach named

M. Schottenheimer

Kansas City Chiefs

Manning stopped their dream

But they should hold their heads high

Unless you’re Trent Green

Oakland Raiders

Wow! That was awful!

I am surprised at the fact

That they won 2 games.

Reviewing the NFC South teams in the form of Haiku

Today we finish off the NFC poetry with the South.

New Orleans Saints

A memorable year

Emotions were very high

Wish they’d won it all

Carolina Panthers

They are boring

Steve Smith is the only star

Jake Delhomme sucks now

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Many injuries

Gruden is now in trouble

Time for Plan Chucky?

Atlanta Falcons

The star is Mike Vick

But he is only thinking

Who let the dogs out?

Editor’s Note: I know this wasn’t funny, but the NFC South was pretty uneventful outside of the Saints. I’m sorry, and the AFC should be funnier.

Reviewing the NFC East teams in the form of Haiku

Halfway home with the NFC, let us continue with the East.

Philadelphia Eagles

Nothing funny here

But McNabb got hurt again

But his job is fine

Dallas Cowboys

The Big Tuna left

Romo is now their future

Not for place holding

Washington Redskins

Just one giant mess

Joe Gibbs must’ve forgotten

You need a QB

New York Giants

Tiki Barber leaves

A management is shaken

Coughlin is still COACH?!

Reviewing the NFC North teams in the form of Haiku

Let’s continue with the Norris division, in the style of Haiku poetry.

Chicago Bears

Only one question

Gross Wrecksman or Rex Grossman?

I’ll go with the first

Green Bay Packers

Brett Favre is staying

At one-hundred years of age

Receivers suck though

Detroit Lions

They are really crap

But Kitna said “we’ll win ten”

Mental health questioned

Minnesota Vikings

They had a bad year

But the one thing they can’t do

Is party on boats

Reviewing the NFC West teams in the form of Haiku

The NFL Season is just around the corner. So let’s review all 32 teams’ performance from last year, in the style of Haiku. Today, we start with the NFC West.

Arizona Cardinals

They are really bad
Denny Green is now fired
Probably for this.

San Francisco 49ers

They did pretty well
But didn’t make the playoffs
They beat the Hawks twice

St. Louis Rams

A potent offense
but a terrible defense
Josh Brown beat them twice

Seattle Seahawks

A up-and-down year
Many key players injured
But we love Romo.