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Super Bowl XLVI Preview Extravaganza: Why the Patriots Will Prevail

There are two sides to every argument, and I’ve decided I’m going to be in both. This part of the Super Bowl XLVI preview will explore the reasons why the New England Patriots will best the New York Giants this Sunday and capture their 4th Super Bowl. After that, I’ll flip the switch and talk about how the Giants will once again best New England for a 3rd consecutive game.

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Tom Brady: Overrated QB

I got a lot of flack for this story over at the other place.

So ladies and gentlemen, a barely edited version of the controversial story.

Tom Brady isn’t the great QB everyone thinks he is. I think he’s a good QB, and works well with every receiver he’s had, but the teammates around him get practically no credit. His offensive line does all the work, and when they don’t do their job, Tom Brady is an average quarterback. He doesn’t have a cannon for an arm, and when his receivers catch a 2 yard pass, and turn it into a 40 yard gain, Brady gets all the credit. That’s a very misleading statistic if the receiver of a pass gets most of the yardage himself, but that beefs up the yardage total for the QB. The media coins Brady as cool, calm, and collected. Maybe in down to the wire situations, but if a call doesn’t go his way, or the Patriots are getting the snot kicked out of them, he loses his cool and yells at his teammates! Listen people, he may have won 3 super bowl titles, but Troy Brown, David Patten, and the entire offensive line get zero credit. Heck, Adam Vinateri won 2 out of 3 titles on a last second field goal. Even the 3rd one, Vinateri’s FG in the 3rd quarter was virtually the difference. If you ask me who is the better QB, Peyton Manning or Brady, I’d pick Peyton Manning over Brady. ‘m not saying I’d pick Rex Grossman over Tom Brady, I’m just saying that although Brady is a pretty good QB, he’s not great like the media wants him to be.