Green Bay @ Seattle Referee Bitching Live Blog … Plus Supposedly Football

The NFL is going to ruin this season … actually check that, they’ve already ruined this season. Their completely laughable handling of the “Replacement Refs” has resulted in late games going past the 5 PM cutoff on NFL RedZone. The games are taking forever, the penalties are absurd, extra timeouts are being granted, defensive holding is being advanced 10 yards instead of 5, the entire Patriots/Ravens game, it’s all just terrible. Roger Goodell meanwhile is busy trying to get more games in London. Fire him now. He is an incompetent with too much power.

Anyway, there’s a football game tonight. The Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks are playing and I’ll be here to live-blog it even as I fear the outcome of tonight’s game will be decided by the refs. It has gotten so bad that I am actually rooting for a blowout of any sort so I won’t get even more pissed off when a phantom PI call decides a 21-17 game or something of that nature.

You know what? I’m a homer. I’m going Seahawks 27 Packers 21. Seattle pretty much has to win this with Arizona looking elite on defense.

Live blog link is HERE.

2012 NFL Season – Week 3 Picks

A 10-6 record last week, but another midweek clunker as I drop the Thursday night game after the Carolina Panthers were stuck in traffic and unable to make their home match against the Giants. I’m not going to give my Monday night pick (there will be a live-blog for that) because it’s dependent on Greg Jennings’ health.

Buffalo over Cleveland
San Francisco over Minnesota
Detroit over Tennessee
Washington over Cincinnati
New Orleans over Kansas City
Miami over NY Jets (“upset” special)
Indianapolis over Jacksonville
Dallas over Tampa Bay
Chicago over St. Louis
Arizona over Philadelphia
Pittsburgh over Oakland
Atlanta over San Diego
Houston over Denver
Baltimore over New England

2012 NFL Season – Week 2 Picks

After a mediocre 8-8 record last week I got off to a decent start with Green Bay’s win over Chicago. Let’s see if I’m wrong on the Seahawks game and they won’t plunge themselves into another top 10 draft pick.


Chiefs over Bills
Saints over Panthers
Bengals over Browns
Colts over Vikings
Texans over Jaguars
Raiders over Dolphins
Giants over Buccaneers
Patriots over Cardinals
Eagles over Ravens
Steelers over Jets
Chargers over Titans
Cowboys 34 Seahawks 10
Rams over Redskins
49ers over Lions
Broncos over Falcons

2012 NFL Season – More Incorrect Week 1 Picks

I went 0-1 after Dallas scored on every single blitz attempt by the Giants. The practice of picking the home team on opening night was broken by those guys, unfortunately. Let’s give this another shot with our first Sunday action of the year. Enjoy the regular season opening weekend, everyone!

Chiefs over Falcons
Eagles over Browns
Saints over Redskins
Lions over Rams
Patriots over Titans
Texans over Dolphins
Vikings over Jaguars
Bills over Jets
Panthers over Buccaneers
Bears over Colts
Seahawks 21 Cardinals 16
Packers over 49ers
Broncos over Steelers
Ravens over Bengals
Raiders over Chargers


And as for the Super Bowl? Give me Packers over Texans.

VIDEO: New “This is SportsCenter” Commercial With John Clayton Is The Greatest Thing ESPN Has Ever Done

I loathe virtually everything ESPN does these days. This commercial with John Clayton sporting a pony-tail and rocking out to loud music is not one of them. It’s the best thing ESPN has ever done. Ever.

If they can find a way to make me like Skip Bayless I might just change my mind on them.