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2012 NFL Season – Week 4 Picks

The real referees are back, which means the season can finally start after 7 preseason games….

I finished 8-8 amongst a boatload of upsets and a really bad call in my team’s favor (Seattle). Overall I’m 27-22 on the season having gotten the Ravens prediction correct.

I’m going to pick against the Seahawks this week because I have a vote of zero confidence in this joke of an offense. I wouldn’t be shocked if Seattle didn’t score an offensive touchdown in this game and waste another great defensive performance. The only reason why this Carroll-led offense is not getting more criticism is because they’re 2-1 and not turning the ball over. The latter is not sustainable and I’m sure of it.

Here goes nothing:

Houston over Tennessee
San Diego over Kansas City
Atlanta over Carolina
St. Louis 13 Seattle 6
San Francisco over NY Jets
New England over Buffalo
Detroit over Minnesota
Arizona over Miami
Denver over Oakland
Cincinnati over Jacksonville
Washington over Tampa Bay
Green Bay over New Orleans
Philadelphia over NY Giants
Chicago over Dallas

2012 NFL Season – More Incorrect Week 1 Picks

I went 0-1 after Dallas scored on every single blitz attempt by the Giants. The practice of picking the home team on opening night was broken by those guys, unfortunately. Let’s give this another shot with our first Sunday action of the year. Enjoy the regular season opening weekend, everyone!

Chiefs over Falcons
Eagles over Browns
Saints over Redskins
Lions over Rams
Patriots over Titans
Texans over Dolphins
Vikings over Jaguars
Bills over Jets
Panthers over Buccaneers
Bears over Colts
Seahawks 21 Cardinals 16
Packers over 49ers
Broncos over Steelers
Ravens over Bengals
Raiders over Chargers


And as for the Super Bowl? Give me Packers over Texans.