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Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos

Yesterday the Seattle Seahawks entered Flynnsanity (if we get to go nuts over Jeremy Lin puns, then I sure as hell have the right to do it with Flynn), and have done so without paying some stupid contract like Arizona has with Kevin Kolb. I’m pumped, excited, and most importantly less concerned about Tarvaris Jackson starting all 16 games in 2012. I’m sure the media will focus on this pretty big….. Wait, hold on a minute, I’ve just seen the headline involving Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos. Uh oh, move over Flynnsanity, because America is about to see Tebowmania move over for Peyton Manning.

With Manning seemingly headed for Denver barring a miracle (divine intervention!), Tim Tebow is not only being shipped, but apparently Broncos management gives nary a rat’s ass what they get for him:

Peyton Manning has reportedly chosen his team and he will be the next quarterback of … the Denver Broncos. CBSSports.com’s Mike Freeman confirms that Manning’s pick is Denver and that a contract “is a formality” at this point.

Freeman also reports that the Broncos will attempt to trade Tim Tebow and “do not care” what they get for him. Over the weekend, my colleague Ryan Wilson put together a list of teams that could potentially make a move for Tebow; it’s a pretty prescient post that you should read.

Chris Mortensen first reported the news of Peyton to Denver, noting that Manning has told his agent Tom Condon to “open negotiations” with Denver. .

Manning has, at this time, informed the other teams of his decision. It’s a stunning decision, really. Earlier today we mentioned that Manning was “dealing directly” with various teams. But it seemed as if the Broncos had fallen behind in the race for Peyton. Instead, John Elway was able to close the deal and land one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

Bold emphasis mine. This pretty much confirms John Elway has zero confidence in Tim Tebow being anything resembling a competent starting QB. It’s hard to argue that he will, as he played terribly as soon as opposing defenses figured out his game and that you can’t let him run around the field as he pleases. Strangely enough–almost entirely because of the health status of Peyton Manning–I wouldn’t trade Tebow. At least try and let him learn from the master instead of giving up on him that quickly. Also, trading Tebow means that once again we’re going to start this merry-go-round of coverage on Timmay and it will take up all of sports talk. Congratulations Denver, you keep finding ways for me to make me think you’re one of the most insufferable franchises in football.

Denver is clearly putting all of their eggs in one basket by signing Peyton Manning. I’ve long said it’s a risk given the injury he has, so if it works they’re immediate playoff contenders, but if not then even if Tebow is terrible with his new team, it’s a pretty big bust for the Broncos.